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Sanctuary Reflections: Handmade Vegan Journals

Always in My Heart...Remembrance Journals

Always in My Heart...Remembrance Journals

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A special private place to remember and honour our precious one(s) be they 2 legged, 4 legged, furred, scaled or feathered.

These handmade journals are part of an original collection by Toronto-based vegan artist Christina Hennig.

  • Vegan Suede cover is adorned with a single flower.
  • 5 sections each wrapped with handmade paper.
  • 100 pages lightweight sketch paper suitable for writing and sketching.
  • Hand sewn Long Stitch Binding.
  • Expandable Elastic Closure allows room for you to add photos and small mementos.
  • Approx 4.5” x 6”
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Sanctuary Reflections

Lovingly designed and painstakingly bound by vegan artist Christina Hennig, each handmade vegan journal in this collection is unique.

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