In the Artist's Own Words...

Thank you for taking the time to view my collection of handmade journals which support the Sanctuary Babes of Odd Man Inn.

My creations embrace the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, rooted in Japanese tradition, which celebrates the transient and imperfect nature of beauty, and nurture authenticity by recognizing that nothing lasts forever, nothing is ever truly finished, and nothing is perfect.

I find myself pleasantly surprised by the profound similarities between journal-making and meditation—an exquisite marriage of my two lifelong passions.

The sounds—folding and cutting paper,  the needle pulling thread as I stitch—and the rhythmic motions bring me back to the present moment, requiring the same attention to detail and precision that meditation demands when returning repeatedly to the breath.

- Christina Hennig

A blank page can be intimidating but you only have to start...

Artist Bio

Christina Hennig is a vegan artist, lifelong maker, and longtime meditator based in Toronto, Canada.

With a decade-long focus on painting, Christina explores various media, including alcohol ink, acrylic, watercolor, oil, collage, mixed media, gelliprinting, and digital painting. As much as she loves color and texture, she missed the more tactile aspects of creating.

Through a series of whimsical and serendipitous events, she now finds herself immersed in the world of journal-making.

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