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Treasures From the Holler

The Artists' Corner is excited to announce artist Anita G's Treasures From the Holler spring collection! Each Holler Stick has been lovingly gathered from the Holler at Odd Man Inn and then turned into beautiful one of a kind works of art by Anita G.


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Our Swamp Line features our range of Personal Care Products including soaps in various scents, lip balms, and a face mask!

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Our Nonprofit Store's Philosophy

Products chosen with respect for the animals AND the planet!

  • 100% Profits to The Animals

    All the proceeds from the store go directly to meeting the needs of our nearly 200 rescued animal residents.

  • Useful, Eco-Conscious Products

    We strive to choose products that are made of recycled and sustainable materials. Choose one of our virtual offerings if you don't want new stuff!

  • Sustainable Packaging

    We aim to pack and ship all orders using environmentally friendly shipping materials. Any plastic packaging we use is never new and always salvaged.

  • 100% Volunteer Operated

    From carefully hand-stamping and wrapping the swamp soaps to lovingly packing and shipping orders, our store is fully run by volunteers.