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Trading Cards (Set of 2)

Trading Cards (Set of 2)

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Bring home your favorite Odd Man Inn sanctuary babes with these limited edition Trading Cards! Our first set of trading cards features Queen Jolene and her pig partner Ramblin', both lovingly illustrated by the fabulously talented Susanne Lork (Sue) from Germany!

Perfect to share with all ages, these cards will help you learn a bit more about your favorite Odd Man Inn residents, including their rescue date, birth year and their favorite food!


All pigs aren't the same. Just like humans, they come in all shapes and sizes, and have different life experiences and personalities. They also have different likes and dislikes. These trading cards are a fun way to learn more about the individual animals and what makes them unique.

We also put a lot of effort into selecting items that are gentle on the planet and accessible to all, regardless of age and income.

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