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Pig Breeds of Odd Man Inn: An Illustrated Guide

Pig Breeds of Odd Man Inn: An Illustrated Guide

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Through this beautifully illustrated poster of pig breeds, we hope to introduce you to some of our residents and help you learn more about the animal-care work at Odd Man Inn.

Understanding the breed of a particular animal can provide valuable insight into their unique characteristics, behaviors, and potential health issues. After all, the needs of a Feral pig like Charity are vastly different from those of a Pot-bellied pig like Frances!

At Odd Man Inn, we recognize the importance of understanding our residents' individual needs and backgrounds. By incorporating this information into our care routines, and tailoring our approach to each individual resident, we are able to provide each resident with personalized care and support that helps them live their best Sanctuary Babe life!

  • Loving illustrated by Mor Spicer of Bark Point Studio
  • 13 distinct breeds of pigs that call Odd Man Inn their forever home
  • 13" x 19" Art Print
  • Printed on 80lb Cover Weight Paper
  • Ships in square cardboard mailing tube
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