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Odd Man Inn Annual Art Crawl

GIFT a 16 oz Tub of Sunscreen (20% Zinc Oxide)

GIFT a 16 oz Tub of Sunscreen (20% Zinc Oxide)

Tulip, the ambassador of this year's art show, is raising funds for a PLENTIFUL supply of SUNSCREEN for herself and her fellow "Pinkies," pigs who, because of their pink skin, are extremely prone to skin cancer.

Applying sunscreen during sunny days is one of the best preventative tools to stave off the development of skin cancer! Regular sunscreen application not only prevents painful and life-threatening skin cancer but also reduces the need for hospital visits for management, ensuring a happier and healthier life for our beloved Pinkies.


When you "Gift a 16 oz Tub of Sunscreen," you are making a direct donation to Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge, a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization registered in the United States under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3), EIN# 81-0880635. Contributions to Odd Man Inn are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Annual Art Crawl

The 2024 OMI Art Crawl features a beautiful assortment of donated items benefitting our Pinkies' Sunscreen Fund!

How to Participate

Disclaimer: All merchandise available at this event is specifically designed to promote compassion across all species and to directly support the charitable objectives of Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge. Accordingly, all items are offered for sale exempt from sales tax under applicable tax laws.