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2023 Odd Man Inn Yearbook (LIMITED EDITION)

2023 Odd Man Inn Yearbook (LIMITED EDITION)

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The Odd Man Inn 2023 Yearbook is a hardcover gem that showcases all the amazing things we've achieved TOGETHER this year. So, whether you share this slice of 2023 with friends and family, or simply enjoy a personal trip down memory lane, the Yearbook is a special way to remember the year and all the impact we've created together.

Featuring 22 full-color pages with stunning photographs, including those of our twelve new pig residents (note, this was before Falkor's arrival!), the 2023 Yearbook is a limited edition treasure. 

We only have 5 more copies of the yearbook on the store, so grab your copy and keep these cherished memories alive for years to come!


Our Patreon Medical Team Members at the $25/mo and up level receive this as their end of year perk. Please consider joining to receive yours next year!

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