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Odd Man Inn Annual Art Crawl

"Imprisoned Hearts" Necklace

"Imprisoned Hearts" Necklace

By Stacey Caplan

Description - Everyone deserves love. Everyone has the right to be with their family and their loved ones. Animal ag rips babies away from their mothers, and kills all family members at a fraction of their natural lifespans.

Dimensions - 18”

Price - $36.00 

About the Artist

Instagram - @dirty.snouts

Website -

Inspiration - I created Dirty Snouts™ to bring attention to issues still unknown to many people, including those who would never knowingly enable the atrocities inherent in the production of dairy, eggs, and of course, meat.

I designed these necklaces* to speak about the plight of animals who are exploited for human purposes. According to the NIH, there are more than 26,000 feedlots in the US alone! Multiply that by 12 million, which is the number of cattle in US feedlots at any point in time, to get a sense of just how many sentient beings are held captive. In addition to feedlots, there are other varieties of imprisonment, in zoos, water theme parks, animal research labs, and more.

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Annual Art Crawl

The 2024 OMI Art Crawl features a beautiful assortment of donated items benefitting our Pinkies' Sunscreen Fund!

How to Participate

Disclaimer: All merchandise available at this event is specifically designed to promote compassion across all species and to directly support the charitable objectives of Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge. Accordingly, all items are offered for sale exempt from sales tax under applicable tax laws.