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Odd Man Inn Annual Art Crawl

Best Friends (Original Hand-built Ceramic Sculpture)

Best Friends (Original Hand-built Ceramic Sculpture)

By Anna Wiancko-Chasman

Title - unknown / Best Friends

Medium - ceramic

Approximate dimensions - 8" x 6 ½" x 3"

Description - This original oneof a kind, handcrafted ceramic sculpture is made by acclaimed artist Anna Wiancko-Chasman. Donated by Wendy Smith from her personal collection, the sculpture depicts a young pig with a duo of friends, a mouse and a bird, on her back. Please note: while not obvious, the mouse might be missing a metal whisker

About the Artist - Anna specializes in crafting unique sculptures and assemblages using clay, mixed media, and found objects. Her creative inspiration springs from a profound affection for nature and animals, which has been a lifelong passion. Anna shares her expertise by teaching clay and mixed media classes to both adults and children. Additionally, she serves as an art therapist and supervisor, drawing from her own life experiences.

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Annual Art Crawl

The 2024 OMI Art Crawl features a beautiful assortment of donated items benefitting our Pinkies' Sunscreen Fund!

How to Participate

Disclaimer: All merchandise available at this event is specifically designed to promote compassion across all species and to directly support the charitable objectives of Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge. Accordingly, all items are offered for sale exempt from sales tax under applicable tax laws.