In the Artist's Own Words...

My ethics and values are the driving force behind creating new collections. I make unique, fun and functional pottery that is often designed around fauna or flora themes and carries the message of compassion. I am grateful to use my ART as ACTIVISM to collaborate with organizations like Odd Man Inn and have an opportunity not only to assist them in efforts to fundraise for their refuge but also to shed light on the people behind the scenes who are often the unsung heroes for rescued animals everywhere.

I’m honored to debut the first 3 pieces in what I hope will be a continuing artistic collaboration in support of OMI.

- Lyndsay Meiklem Dean (@theveganpotter)

OMI Logo Tumbler - Snout Magnet - Secret Snack Bowl

This custom collection of pottery by The Vegan Potter can be preordered directly from her website.

Sunday, October 8, 12:01 am ET and ending Sunday, October 15, 11:59 pm ET.

A percentage of each sale goes directly to Odd Man Inn.

Artist Bio

I’ve had my hands in clay and my stomach full of veggies for nearly three decades. I’m obsessed with creating functional stoneware pottery, filling it with delicious vegan food and feeding those I love. I’m an only child, born and raised in Southeastern, CT by two incredible parents. I started eating a vegetarian diet during high school. 

After graduating from high school I spent a decade in Montreal, Canada where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, became Vegan and worked for The Jane Goodall Institute Canada. I volunteered, working with retired biomedical research chimpanzees at The Fauna Foundation, and discovered my love for clay at a community studio. Working for two esteemed chimpanzee advocacy organizations closely aligned with my ethical choice to live a vegan lifestyle, and my activism around animal rights grew.

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    All the proceeds from the store go directly to meeting the needs of our nearly 200 rescued animal residents.

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