In the Artist's Own Words...

My love of pigs began began at an early age. I grew up as a proud daughter of a hog farmer, in rural Pennsylvania. Eventually I came to see animals as sentient beings but it wasn’t until I found Wendy and Josh at Odd Man Inn that I understood what the life of a pig can look like when they are provided the support, love and care they need to thrive.

Each little snout in my bouquets is a loving representation of how the animals at OMI are thriving and blossoming because of their Animal Care Crew and the supporters of OMI, people like you.

Thank you for taking the time to view my collection and for supporting the Sanctuary Babes of Odd Man Inn!

- Anita Goff

Each original painting is unique, just like the pigs that inspired it.

Artist Bio

I am a vegan mixed media artist with a passion for animal rights and animal welfare. I live in a small town called Thurmont, Maryland with my cat Bobbi.

My creative journey began a long time ago with my mother teaching me to crochet as a kid and has evolved over the years into painting. I enjoy learning new techniques and creating quirky things that make me and others smile.

It has always been a dream of mine to make art to support sanctuaries like Odd Man Inn.

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Our Nonprofit Store's Philosophy

Products chosen with respect for the animals AND the planet!

  • 100% Profits to The Animals

    All the proceeds from the store go directly to meeting the needs of our nearly 200 rescued animal residents.

  • Useful, Eco-Conscious Products

    We strive to choose products that are made of recycled and sustainable materials. Choose one of our virtual offerings if you don't want new stuff!

  • Sustainable Packaging

    We aim to pack and ship all orders using environmentally friendly shipping materials. Any plastic packaging we use is never new and always salvaged.

  • 100% Volunteer Run & Operated

    From carefully hand-stamping and wrapping the swamp soaps to lovingly packing and shipping ALL orders, our store is fully run by volunteers.